Monday, September 26, 2011

What would happen if we all had a personal mission statement and lived by it.

I have been in business management (arts related) for most of my working life. I have in depth familiarity with strategic planning sessions, mission statements and employee training. It is common to think of an employee; while you are here (at work) your actions should all support the mission statement of the organization. At work, this is so clear to me. So why at home do I stray?

I am buffeted by house work, yard work and supporting others in their mission. In fact, when my family was intact, my mission was supporting others, or so it appeared for a time. I ask myself to think through what is my mission statement? Can I actually put myself first, like the instructions on the airplane do when instructing us to put your air mask on before you help another?

If I came out of my Mom as a seed, and have spent a life time of growing, what have I become. It’s not like I will change what that seed is. It has always been the same. It is that this adult mind needs to get out of the way so that my truth has room to become.

My truth is to help others.
My truth is to be creative.
My truth is to make things in dimension.
My mission statement is to help others find their truth through creative play with art.

My truth is to embrace the earth.
My truth is to protect the animals.
My truth is lightly walking a spiritual path.
My mission statement is to help others realize their spirit connection through art.

I have an arts related job that is interesting, and serves to bring art to a broader audience. It is in alignment with my mission. So why should I be concerned that I do not make much money? Am I buffeted by society’s creed that you are paid what you are worth? I don’t get paid much and I feel I am offering a lot, so I wrestle with my pay not being in alignment with my worth. Cool your jets, Liese.

Be thankful for Having a Job.
Be thankful for it being Arts Related.
Be thankful for having a job somewhat in alignment with your mission statement.
At work, my mission statement might be; I help others find tranquility through art in their environment.

I am thankful.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Curve in Learning Social Media

October 20, 2010

This morning I attended the Social Media breakfast at Talula’s Restaurant in Madison. I discovered my learning curve in the first five minutes of the excellent talk by Steve Roller on “Social Media and the Art of Copywriting”. He mentioned his site and his business, Conversational Writing, LLC and it dawned on me that I going to learn more about writing copy, not copyrighting. Coming from an art background, where our web site is specific to protect the rights of artists in image reproduction, I had mistakenly thought I would be learning about copyrights, not copywriting. The second ah ha moment came when Steve Roller was describing Big Idea #1 in how to use direct response marketing and connect with your audience. Among other things he mentioned LOL means “Laugh out Loud”. Not “Lots of Love?” My kid sent me that the other day and I thought it was a show of affection.

I don’t think anyone noticed the pink flush of my embarrassment while Roller quickly moved on to Big Idea #2 reminding us that Social Media is about business. While having an honest interest in our customer, we should strive to write compelling and persuasive copy. And how do we do that? Big Idea #3 acknowledged the skill needed, but gave us some specific pointers to help us hone the art of writing. Steve covered several other points illustrating his ideas with some pretty amusing case studies.

Steve Roller’s packed short talk was full of concrete tips, good hand outs and lots of avenues to keep learning. I particularly like his tips: Don’t try too hard, write the way you talk and focus on one idea.

If all the Breakfast meetings are this enlightening, perhaps I should get myself to another one-maybe the one for “old people.”

Liese Pfeifer
Integrated Art Group

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At Overture

Hang Five Wool felt, steel 2009
This piece is currently on view at the Overture Center in Madison, WI. in conjunction with the Madison Area Open Art Studio Exhibit. My alter ego wants to be a surfer.

Found object and Wool Felt

" Circle Wool felt, Steel 2008
In the past two years, I have been enjoying the hands on process of wet felting.

Environmental work

One of my interests is Prairie Restoration. As part of this years Open Gallery October 17 and 18, friends and visitors can enjoy pickiing prairie seed next to the studio. I took this photo in the lower prairie.